Here's what some of your peers think of our high quality printed guides...

Tom Golden
Virgil T. Golden Funerals,
Salem, OR

“We are very pleased to have worked with Skyways Media as they created a very professional, informative guide for the families in our community. Not only is the guide a resource tool for the funeral home, but for the other professionals in the guide as well. It has been and continues to be a very positive experience.”

Ricardo Carillo
Carillo Funeral Homes,
Dallas, TX

“As we implemented the customized Funeral Guides that Skyways Media produced for us, our Families at Carrillo Funeral Homes have appreciated the quality of the product, the resources provided and the easiness to complete. Our team members are excited about providing this resource to our families and be of further help to them and their loved ones.”

Daniel Simons
Everly Community Funerals,
Falls Church, VA

“My experience with Skyways has been outstanding, we had total control over the content to be included and which local companies were to be advertisers. The quality of the guides and design impressed greatly. I can wholeheartedly recommend Skyways to any funeral home.”

Greg Sargent
Sargent & Son Funeral Home,
Thunder Bay, ON

“We at Sargent & Son Funeral Home are extremely happy with the Funeral Planning Guide provided by Skyways Media. This high quality product has been very well received throughout our community. Skyways made the entire process very easy to do!”

Justin Zabor
Zabor Funeral Homes,
Parma, OH

“We are THRILLED with how the guides turned out and have been sharing them with everyone. Our entire staff is impressed with the finished product and how professional, informative and attractive it is. Thank you so much, we are very, very happy!”

Christie Moore
Mansfield Funeral Home,
Mansfield, TX

“The staff at Mansfield Funeral Home sincerely appreciate Skyways Media for their amazing work with our Funeral Planning Guides.”

Jared Jenkins
Fred L. Jenkins Funeral Home,
Morgantown, WV

“I must admit, much to my surprise, no fine print, no fees, no surprises. Only a quality product that has added value to my arrangement process, pre-need program and after care. If the product wasn’t enough… Knowing that no one else in my market will have a guide of this calibre, made the decision easier. Make the decision to partner with Skyways and you WILL add value to your business.”

Adam M. Martin
Martin's Funeral Homes,
Various Locations, MI

“When I first saw the guides available from Skyways I was truly impressed. After working with the Skyways team, I can say that they are, in fact, free, and the process really couldn’t be more streamlined than it is. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product or the professionalism of Skyways. I’d urge any funeral home to utilize this great product as it will
indeed set your funeral home apart from the competition.”

Kevin Brown
Brown's Cremation & Funeral,
Grand Junction, CO

“I’ll be honest when I was contacted by Skyways Media about the planning guide, I thought it was too good to be true, 25 years in funeral service I’ve never seen a planning guide this nice, it’s like more of a coffee table book, something families will want to hold on to for a long time. As for the staff at Skyways, every single person I had contact with were extremely kind
and helpful.”

Dan & Anne Houle
Alexander & Houle Funerals,
Chatham, ON

“Skyways Media enabled us to provide a professional, educative and personalized Funeral Guide for the families we serve. The booklets allow other complimentary businesses the opportunity to endorse what they provide and develop partnerships that benefit the families we serve. We have been most pleased with the decision to work directly with Skyways Media.”

Justyne Scott Reeves
N.H. Scott & Hanekamp,
Glenview, IL

“We are more than pleased with the Funeral Estate Planning Guide that Skyways Media assisted us in providing for the families of our community. The Planning Guide is very high quality physically as well as the content provided for the Guide. The whole process was very easy from beginning to delivery.”

Brent H. Shehorn
Lakeshore Funeral Home,
Waco, TX

“We, the Shehorn family and staff at Lake Shore Funeral Home, were pleased to partner with Skyways Media to produce a “Funeral Planning Guide” for our funeral home. The final product is a quality publication that not only shares information with our community about our provided services, but also work hand in hand with our advertisers to promote their services as well.”

Greg Kilgore
Kilgore Funeral Home,
Tullahoma, TN

“I would recommend Skyways Media to anyone…. Our pre-planning guides that they put together exceeded expectations. They were extremely easy to work with and made sure that we were 100% satisfied with everything before moving on to printing the guides.”

William Reed
Rose Lawn Funeral Home,
Gulf Breeze, FL

“Great guide, very professional and nicely presented. Impressed with the quality and printing. The Skyways team was very easy to work with and always available for any questions we had.”

David Mullen
A. Millard George Funerals,
London, ON

“Skyways Media provided our firm with a high quality, educational and informative booklet, to provide to our families. They were helpful with suggestions on content and setup and always willing to make changes or alterations at request.”

Paul St. Pierre
Wilson St. Pierre Funerals,
Greenwood, IN

“I am a sixth-generation Funeral Director and in the business full time the past 26 years. While I’ve had many successes with many products over that time, nothing has given me more pride than the Funeral Bereavement Guide assembled by Skyways Media. Assembling the guide was easy: We provided the data, and they developed the partnerships with our local advertisers. The guide cost us NOTHING, and we now have a quality product that streamlines our message to the community.”

Jeff Harbeson
Family Choice Funerals,
Virginia Beach, VA

“I was an early adopter of the Skyways Media publication at our homes in Virginia and was very pleased with the results. The publication itself is first class and our firm used it as a marketing tool for the funeral home. What I found exceptional is the relationships we developed with the advertisers which provided us an opportunity to co-market with end of life seminars for consumers. The moment Skyways started to create these partnerships we
saw an instance increase in both our pre planning and death calls. I can attest it’s one of the most effective marketing tools for our funeral home and the ROI is unmatched.”

Curtis Ottinger
Heritage Funeral Home,
Chattanooga, TN

“I must say that I was quite overwhelmed. This is the highest quality Funeral Planning Guide that I have had the privilege of sharing with families. It is with such pride that I have the opportunity to pass these along to our local businesses as well as those families that we serve each day finely detailing each and every detail necessary when making the decision to pre-plan. I was especially happy how Skyways Media incorporated beautiful photos of our city throughout the guide as I had requested.”

Fred H. Kitchen
Henson & Kitchen Mortuary,
Huntington, WV

“We are extremely satisfied with the Estate and Memorial Planning Guides that were created for us and for our community. The guide is a complete resource outlining every detail a family would need for funeral, cremation, probate and estate planning. The guide is an excellent resource and tool for business retention and growth. Skyways far exceeded our expectations. The quality, design and their willingness to work with us to brand the guide to be unique to us created very satisfied customers.”

Robert J. Van Staalduinen
Knollcrest Funeral Home,
Lombard, IL

“From the initial pitch to the final product, it was a pleasure to work with Skyways Media on our funeral planning guide. Through the entire process, Skyways were responsive, flexible, and professional. We have gotten overwhelmingly positive response to the quality of our guide, it is truly something that we are proud to put the Knollcrest name on”

Daniel Johnston
Co-operative Funeral Home,
Sudbury, ON

“We requested something that was quite out of the ordinary from your company, a bilingual promotional magazine. The quality of that product that was delivered to us much exceeded our expectations. The amount of information contained within the pages was enormous and we are absolutely pleased. This has been a beautiful, positive relationship; we are so pleased with everything. I received accolades for having negotiated such a wonderful partnership. Thank you Skyways Media.”

Debra Freeman
Desmond Funeral Homes,
Bath & Brunswick, ME

“The team at Skyways did a great job at canvassing our community and selecting the best possible businesses to advertise in our guide. We almost did nothing. They did all the work!! They were very professional and easy to work with. The guides are beautiful! The community loves them, and they look very expensive!! The quality is unbelievable.”

Ted Wynne
Manning-Heffern Funerals,
Pawtucket, RI

“I am a funeral director in Rhode Island. We have had the privilege of working with Skyways Media. They helped us design a pre-arrangement guide book. The finished product was just beautiful. The staff was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and had tremendous ideas, advice and drive. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Kenneth T. Rothwell
O'Connell Funeral Home,
Southampton, NY

“The funeral planning guide that was designed by Skyways Media has proven to be a cost free effective method of promotion. The guide is professionally prepared and customized with photos of our funeral home as well as local community photos. I was overly impressed by the final product and have received many compliments from the families in which we service. Thank you Skyways Media.”

Lisa Hammond
Brockie Donovan Funerals,
Brandon, MB

“To commemorate our 100 years we worked with Skyways Media to produce a very high quality Funeral Planning and Bereavement Guide. This guide is full of valuable information regarding our history, staff, testimonials, funeral and memorial service details, pre-planning, grief and after care, as well as estate administration. The custom 60 page guide contains beautiful color photographs of our facility and is laid out nicely for easy reading. We are very proud to offer these guides to all families we serve, both at-need and pre-need.”

David Garvie
Ogden Funeral Homes,
Scarborough, ON

“After numerous revisions to have a finished product that met our standards for content and appearance we were delighted with the end result. An excellent, well designed, well illustrated, funeral guide that we were proud to present to our families. Their team of designers worked very hard to meet our requests, without any reservations, in order that the guide matched our overall brand and look that we had recently created. We would not have
any reservation in recommending Skyways Media for this type of product”

Scott Dahl
Hennessey Valley Funerals,
Spokane Valley, WA

“Hennessey Funeral Homes & Crematories have been using the planning guide created by Skyways Media for about one year. We were so very pleased with the final outcome. We provided a list of potential advertisers, and the Skyways staff contacted them and explained the benefits of advertising in the guides. When the final book was complete, we invited
our advertisers to a luncheon at our facilities as our way of saying “Thank you.” I would recommend Skyways Media if you are considering them. The guides have been well liked and appreciated by our families, both pre-need and at-need.”

Lisa Goudy
Oak View Memorial Park,
Antioch, CA

“We are extremely happy that we chose to work with Skyways Media to produce a beautiful, professional, quality funeral guide for our families. They were very easy to work with every step of the way, they communicated well and they were flexible with all our changes. The end product is a great tool we can use with our families and in our community.”

John Cunningham
Ashburnham Funerals,
Peterborough, ON

“Based on Skyways publications we decided to go with them. Skyways contacted advertisers in our area, designed the product, published the book and delivered an outstanding product to us. We had complete control over the content and photos. We will certainly be return clients when it is time to republish.”

Zane Belyea
Dallas Jewish Funerals,
Dallas & Houston, TX

“We have had a very positive experience with Skyways Media and hope to continue this relationship in the future. The quality of the Planning Guide is outstanding and their staff is wonderful to work with. I would recommend Skyways Media to anyone that asks.”

Dennis Toll
Dennis Toll Funerals,
Brantford, ON

“I must say that we are very impressed with the quality of the booklets we received from Skyways. The quality of the paper, the print, the entire booklet was very professional and the delivery was as promised. The editorial content was entirely at our discretion. I have spoken to all of our partner advertisers, and they are as pleased with the product as we are. I foresee a long term ongoing relationship between Dennis Toll Funeral Home and Skyways Media.”

Michael Land
Forest Ridge Funerals,
North Richland Hills, TX

“The funeral planning guide produced by Skyways Media is a first class publication. It provides relevant information to the community while promoting our firm in a positive light. We use our planning guide at senior fairs and other local events. We receive many favorable comments and often will have someone ask if they could take an additional copy and give
it to a friend. “I call that a positive promotion of our funeral home”. We are pleased with our partnership with Skyways Media and the professional product.”

John F. Darst
Darst Funeral Home,
Kingwood, TX

“Your publication and follow through on all aspects we discussed and agreed on has exceeded all my expectations. Your professional layout and printing puts our firm head and shoulders above anyone else in our metropolitan area in presenting our firm to the public. I must say I truly doubted, when we first spoke, that you would and could do such a fantastic job. Thanks for proving me wrong!”

David Sigler
CC Van Emburgh Funerals,
Ridgewood, NJ

“It quickly became apparent to me that I wanted to be a part of this. The quality of the booklet is exceptional and the feedback from clientele, advertisers etc. has been nothing but positive. The knowledge and experience bestowed upon us by the Skyways team made the process seamless and their attention to detail is above reproach. I can’t say enough about this guide. It is truly one of the most valuable assets from an information standpoint that we can provide to our families.”

Sara-Dale Hartshorn
Chatterson Funeral Home,
Collingwood, ON

“We received our first shipment of Funeral Planning Guides a little less than a year ago and what an amazing tool they have been for us. Your team gave us wonderful help and guidance as to the content and also encouraged us to make the guide “our own”. It has proven to be a fabulous marketing tool for pre-need families. They all love it! So many come back and ask for another guide for their friends.”

Louis James
James Funeral Home,
Bethlehem, PA

“I want to thank you for putting together this beautiful brochure for us. In every way, I cannot be more pleased with the high quality of the pages, photography and the advertising that has been secured from the list I gave you. I also appreciate the customization of the wording and your quick response to the questions I had. The families that have picked up this publication both for pre-need and at the time of need have commented how helpful it has been. You have given me a step above some of the other funeral firms in my area.”

Donald Harrison
Vista Funeral Home,
Miami Lakes, FL

“We, here at Vista Funeral Home are extremely pleased with the family planning guides Skyways Media put together for us. It enabled us to reunite, meet and make new business relationships in our area. We were able to present our service and offerings to them and they were able to come in and do the same here at Vista. The planning guide itself is absolutely beautifully and professionally put together and has been well received by our clientele and advertisers. We are always being asked for them.”

Bart Porter
Sunrise Funeral Home,
Hermantown, MN

“I have nothing but great things to say about Skyways Media. Everyone on their staff I dealt with were so helpful. They are a well-oiled machine from the beginning to the end. They let me be hands on through the entire design process. The way we started and completed sections as we went were almost flawless and they never made me feel like I was high maintenance even though I know I was. If you want to work with the best people and product I have found in the industry, look no farther.”

Wes Playter
Roadhouse & Rose Funerals,
Newmarket, ON

“It was our pleasure to partner with Skyways Media, in the production of the Welcome Guide, back in 2015. The guides have been extremely well received by both our pre-need and at-need clients. The Funeral Home was given much input in terms to creative content and Skyways exceeded our expectations in terms of professionalism and quality. We distribute them to all of our client families and have received much positive feedback. We Look forward to continuing this partnership with Skyways into the future.”

Angela Mercer
Lee Funeral Home,
Pahrump, NV

“If you haven’t discovered Skyways Media yet, you really need to talk to these guys! The pre-need planning guide was designed specifically for my funeral home and it is amazing! Our families love it, our pre-need counsellors love it, and our advertisers love it as well, and believe it or not, it’s completely free!”

Bob Prindiville
Bright Funeral Home,
Wake Forest, NC

“I have been extremely pleased with our Funeral Home publication from Skyways Media. We have gotten great responses back from our client family’s on the content and ease of using the information in the guide. I would highly suggest checking this company out and using their services for your publication.”

Andrew Phillips
Farnstrom Mortuary,
Independence, OR

“Our funeral home decided to work with Skyways to provide our families with high quality, informative and complimentary planning guides that showcase both our funeral home and several business partners in our community. The entire process was easy, and the end result was both beautiful and useful. I’d recommend this product to any funeral home – just not to our competition!”

Jenny Mertes
Skradski Funeral Home,
Kansas City, MI

“We have been very pleased with the Funeral Planning Guide from Skyways Media. Their team was patient and helpful with our requests and revisions. I would definitely recommend Skyways Media.”

Bill Brock
Vander Plaat Funerals,
Wyckoff, NJ

“Skyways Media has been excellent to work with. They’ve done all of the leg work, they got all of the advertisers and have done just a wonderful job! They changed everything to how we wanted it, exactly. Just wonderful to work with.”

Richard Groeber
Hahn-Groeber Funerals,
Lafayette, IN

“The Skyways book really has been a great asset for our firm. It is a very professional product and has been well received by all of our families. Thank you so much for bringing this product to us in conjunction with The Order of the Golden Rule (OGR).”

Robert Hernandez
Memorial Plan Funerals,
Miami, FL

“Skyways Media has assisted Memorial Plan with our efforts to continue providing high quality, informative, educational tools our families may utilize at all stages of the death care conversation. Families ask us for an additional copy for extended family members. We continuously need to keep copies stocked in our lobbies. I recommend this wonderful tool to all those in our profession.”

Paul Dunbar
Hippensteel Funerals,
Delphi, IN

“We have received our guides and they were very impressive. It was a very easy process. We were asked to give a list of vendors that we work with in our community that we serve and also use in our business or personally use and that would suggest to others. Our vendors were very receptive to placing an advert in our guides. Looking forward to getting them out in our community. The vendors were very pleased!!!”

Brad & Jill Perdue
Zabka-Perdue Funerals,
Seward, NE

“Our Funeral Planning Guides arrived yesterday. They are absolutely perfect! We are so anxious to share them with the community at our upcoming Open House, Ribbon Cutting and Lunch and Learn seminar. A big thank you to everyone at Skyways Media. We are so grateful we saw your booth at the convention and took measures to incorporate your guides
into our business. Thanks so much for all of your help with our beautiful guides.”

Kim Antolich
Dermody's Funeral Home,
Hamilton, ON

“Skyways Media have been a long term partner of ours and we couldn’t be happier. Always a professional experience, easy to work with and the materials consistently impress our clients with their superior quality.”

Kathy Bram
Trinity Memorial,
Trinity, FL

“We at Trinity Memorial Gardens are proud to distribute the Funeral Planning Guide provided by Skyways Media. Our clients and advertisers are impressed by the quality and content. We especially appreciate that we were able to make it our own.”

Frank Perman
Perman Funeral Home,
Pittsburgh, PA

“The Perman Funeral Home guide is of superior quality. Skyways Media’s staff were patient, helpful and kind. Their help was critical to get us the highest quality product. The advertisers in the guide are also pleased with the finished guide. Thank you!”

Ian Elliott
Arbutus Funerals,
Langley, BC

“I am very pleased with the Guide that has been published for Arbutus Funeral Service. I have heard from one of the advertisers as to how impressed he was with the content and informative nature of the Guide.”

John Kreidler
Kreidler Funeral Home,
McAllen, TX

“I like our funeral planning guides very much. They have been leaving my office on a regular basis since I put them out on our front door desk. When we have funerals they seem to magically disappear when people leave our building.”

Trey Hall
Gentry Morrison Funerals,
Lakeland, FL

“Skyways Media did a great job walking us through the design of a well made Planning Guide. They did all of the work, and in return we have a great looking planner to distribute in our community.”

Chris Benesch
Earth's Options Funerals,
Victoria, BC

“The quality of this guide and the personalization to our funeral home is superior to any that I have seen in my 30 years of funeral service; I especially like that I can bring together other companies that I network with in my community to offer a holistic comprehensive guide. It’s an amazing asset to our pre-need program and you can’t beat the price.”

Victor Hankins
Treasure Coast Seawinds,
Stuart, FL

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Skyways Media, the expertise that they showed our clientele and ourselves, was outstanding. The guides alone have helped our pre-planning to increase by 15%. The staff was phenomenal, professional and very courteous. I would and will highly recommend them to any facility that is progressive and is concerned about their families.”

Craig Roe
Michigan Memorials,
Flat Rock, MI

“We are so very pleased with the Funeral Planning Guides Skyways Media created for us here at Michigan Memorial Funeral Home. The finished product looks great and the families are finding it to be very helpful, well organized, well put together, easy to understand and a truly professional looking product which goes hand-in-hand with the level of service we provide. We have found that it supports our staff, families and represents everything that Michigan Memorial stands for.”

Olen Crowe
Bunkers Eden Vale,
Las Vegas, NV

“Skyways Media did an outstanding job on producing our beautiful pre-planning guides. In my 24 years in the funeral industry, this is by far the best preplanning guide booklet that we have ever used. The quality, content and professionally done booklet gives something for us to be very proud to present to our families. I personally delivered the booklet to the businesses that advertised in it so that I could thank them. Each business was happy and very impressed with their ads. From those contacts, we have established some valuable business relationships.”

Renee Taylor
Maple Ridge Chapel,
Maple Ridge, BC

“Maple Ridge Funeral Chapel, is beyond thrilled with the quality and quantity of information put into our guide by Skyways Media. As well as, the vast time and effort put in to familiarize themselves with our services, ethics, and family core beliefs to personalize it to our establishment. Also, catering to our many emails, design ideas, pictures, and working together on the content to create such a polished professional guide. We are very proud to hand them out to every family that walks through our doors, have them on display around the chapel, and out to our community and fellow businesses in Maple Ridge. A big thank you to Skyways Media, and our advertisers for everything. We couldn’t be happier”

Donna Brown
Patrick J Darte,
St. Catherines, ON

“Skyways Media produced a professional looking product which we can present to our clients at no cost to ourselves. As independent business owners, we were happy to have the opportunity to present a ‘helpful guide’ to families, without expense. Skyways Media provided professional help with the layout and content and were very willing to work with what we thought should be included. In general I was pleased with the publication and found Skyways Media to be pleasant to work with. The final result is what we believe to be a quality product that will be of benefit to our advertisers as well as to the families we serve.”

Lawrence Schraader
Kamloops Funerals,
Kamloops, BC

“We absolutely love our guides from Skyways Media, as do our families and advertisers! High quality and very professional.”

Jenny Mertes
Muehlebach Funerals,
Kansas City, MI

“We have been very pleased with the Funeral Planning Guide from Skyways Media. Their team was patient and helpful with our requests and revisions. I would definitely recommend Skyways Media.”

Jim Hingley
Heritage Funeral Home,
Toronto, ON

“All the Skyways people were a pleasure to deal with. Professional, flexible and accommodating. The publication turned out great.”

Sarah Reid Hedberg
James Reid Funerals,
Kingston, ON

“The Funeral Guide that Skyways Publication created for us is a beautiful publication. You created a lovely book we are very lucky to have. It provides a doorway into The James Reid Funeral Home that is tasteful and inviting. The photographs are captivating. The designer was excellent to work with: Accommodating, prompt and extremely professional. Our advertisers look great and provide helpful explanations of their services which dovetail with

Jimmy Robb
D.J. Robb Funerals,
Sarnia, ON

“The books turned out great, and of those that have placed their ads in the book many have requested copies so they can place them in their own businesses. It’s one of the best and an impressive way of getting our name out to the general public. I want to thank you very much for the professional and innovative product. It’s been a great success!”

Michelle Barclay
McKersie-Kocher Funerals,
Milton, ON

“The funeral guides created by Skyways for our funeral home are a very professional looking tool that provide information and resources for our families. The guides are perfect for those looking for pre-need information as well as at need information. At no cost to us, the guides are a great additional resource we can provide for our families.”

Katey Houston
Weeks Funeral Home,
Enumclaw, WA

“Great to work with these folks. Communication was easy and fast and we love the finished product.”

Anthony DeSantis
Carlucci Golden DeSantis,
Dunmore, PA

“Very nice people to work with. The product turned out impressive. Thanks again.”

Ken Pearce
Greer Family Mortuaries,
Alameda, CA

“The magazines that Skyways Media provided have been well received by our community and look absolutely fantastic. Thanks once again for a great product!”

Nina Nosek
Kuratko-Nosek Funerals,
Riverside, IL

“When we first discovered Skyways Media at the 2015 NFDA Convention, we thought they were too good to be true. The quality of their guides are exceptional and their customer service is wonderful as well. They worked with us every step of the way, from finding businesses to advertise to delivering proofs until the guide was perfect. We now have more than enough pre-planning guides to pass out to our families and community. And the best part is that it was all at no cost to us!”

Kelly Liddycoat
Bocchinfuso Funerals,
Thorold, ON

“We are extremely pleased with the impressive quality of our books, and the positive feedback they have received. Normally, it would be cost-prohibitive to promote our small business through such a professional custom product, but that wasn’t the case here. In addition, when an offer appears too good to be true, it usually is. But working with Skyways Media really was that easy.”

Jeff Kellam
McIntosh-Anderson Kellam,
Oshawa, ON

“Providing families with an informative booklet that contains useful information prior to, or following, the loss of a loved one is something we have always wished to produce. Skyways Media made this happen for us by designing the booklet, locating advertisers and publishing the final product, they incorporated our feedback so that, in the end, we had a booklet that was truly our own and one that we were quite proud to share with the families that we serve in their time of need.”

Rick Allen
Allen Family Funerals,
Plano, TX

“My experience with Skyways Media and their entire team has been nothing less than spectacular. After watching the publication unfold and seeing the quality of the product and the level of information provided by the advertisers, I was completely convinced we were a part of something amazing about to happen. When our final product arrived, my staff was so impressed with the quality and appearance of the guide. We are proud to display the guides throughout our building. There is a bit of work on the front end, pulling together content and photographs, but the time spent is well worth it. Anyone considering a new and different marketing approach should definitely look into what Skyways Media has to offer.”

Ali Harris
Williams Funeral Home,
St Thomas, ON

“The team at Skyways did a great job at canvassing our community and selecting the best possible businesses to advertise in our guide. They did such great job putting together all of our business information and photos into a very professional looking guide. The final product simply blew us away. The quality of the Bereavement Guide was far greater than our expectations and we cannot tell you how positive the feedback has been so far from both our advertisers and our consumers. Overall, we were very pleased with Skyways Media. We would be happy to pass along our recommendation.”

Mark A. Thomas
Watson Thomas Funerals,
Galesburg, IL

“When we received our Funeral Planning Guides from Skyways Media we were blown away by the quality of the product! Skyways made the process extremely simple and they are a quality company to work with. Our potential advertisers were a bit reluctant to sign on due to the company being from the U.K. Once they spoke with someone at Watson Thomas Funeral Home and they were assured this is a legitimate program they were all on board.
Our funeral planning guide is a great asset to have at the funeral home and pre-planning events. These guides help us promote our professionalism as they are high quality. If you are considering creating something similar to these books, I highly recommend Skyways Media.”

Trevor Charbonneau
Newcastle Funerals,
Newcastle, ON

“I have worked with Skyways Media to produce Funeral Planning Guides for both of my locations. The booklets are of very high quality and very well received by the community. They looked after the entire process, but I had control over all the content and even over whom they approached first in the community for advertising. I would highly recommend their services to other funeral homes.”

Jim Farkas
Farkas Funeral Home,
Joilet, IL

“Very nice guides and very professional.”


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