As a funeral director you really do work hard, constantly busy and rushed off your feet but you still find the time to be a shoulder to cry on and support the families you serve. You are passionate about your funeral home and you know that your funeral home offers service of the highest of levels. Ultimately, you’re not sure why any family would choose anywhere else!

Well, here’s why: The relationship you have with your community and your prospective clients. Put simply, they do not realize how hard you work. They don’t understand the above and beyond, they’ve not seen the after-hours work you put in and the calls in the middle of the night. The client families that you have worked with in the past, they know you were there when they needed you most, but to stay competitive in this growing industry – you need new client families to drive sales, grow and keep your dream alive!

So, the BIG question… How?

  1. Build a presence in your community which focusses on your people.

The ultimate goal is to communicate the personal level of care you offer to your client families – and that is why they should choose your funeral home over another one. You want to build a relationship of trust with your community that extends further than your previous client families. You can do this by seeking out opportunities for your staff to mix with your community and show off the fantastic team you have.

Putting on events such as a pre-planning luncheon, where families can come and learn about their aftercare options and ask questions to your helpful team is a worthwhile activity. People want to choose a funeral home where they can trust the people there to look after them when they pass, and that starts with meeting those that work there.

  1. Utilizing social media to show the good work of your staff.

We have written posts about the importance of social media before – but it really is a growing necessity. Try posting your staff’s successes, landmarks and fun facts on your social media – make sure to include a photo of the member of staff to build that familiarity and relationship. It may be that one of your staff has been there 10 years – celebrate that and post it on your social media!

  1. Making the most of print media to promote your team.

Although they may be waning in popularity for the younger generation – they are still a popular source for keeping up to date with the news for the older generation. Approach your local newspaper with potential stories they could run on your funeral home’s staff – maybe as a team they have participated in a successful fundraiser – whatever it is, getting your staff’s profile out there is going to help. People buy-in to people.

  1. Include staff bios in your Skyways Media funeral planning guide.

We can work with you to develop a staff section of your funeral planning guide, which has headshots of each of your employees along with a bio about themselves. These guides can be placed in local business’ foyers such as doctors’ surgeries, law offices, realtors etc. so people can begin familiarizing themselves with your staff and beginning to build that all-important trust.