At Skyways Media, we know that social media and digital marketing methods are here for good, it’s 2017, we use them; it is healthy to properly include digital advertising as part of your overall marketing campaign(s) (check out our promo video here:  However, there are many applications for print media that electronic media just cannot replace – most importantly the human element and the tangible aspect; it’s good to touch!

This isn’t a melancholy for the halcyon days of print advertising, but as technology becomes ever more sophisticated, there are still those businesses that benefit from using print – not to be anti-digital, but as a way of bridging that faceless, impersonal gap between themselves and their target audience that a digital-only presence can often create.
Print media depicts a very real and authentic ‘feel’ of a company because it is tactile. When clients can touch, hold, and feel the print piece, they get a sense that the company is real, established, and part of the physical world.

Arguably, it takes a much more conscious effort to discard or deliver a printed piece than it does to simply delete an email or click out of a web browser. We are so heavily-dependent on the one-click-does-all concept, that society has become oversaturated; everyone is so bombarded with “e-everything” that it’s actually become harder to pay attention to the things that may interest you – you may simply just overlook it or ignore it. Think of your own letterbox; most direct mail gets opened simply because it’s there and it’s taken some physical effort to be so –  unlike many e-mails. In fact, if you send a flat piece (like a postcard), the recipient almost has no choice but to read it considering there is nothing to open.

Skyways know from experience that if you meet someone at a meeting or event and give him or her a brochure, business card, or some type of print piece about your company, they are more likely to look at it because it’s palpable. Compare this to saying “check out my website later”: it’s unreliable because they will most likely forget to do so. If your website information is included on your print piece this is the most ideal scenario and the print piece essentially did more than its job.

There is nothing quite like a well-done, real life tangible marketing piece that reads well and is visually appealing. It helps your company stand out and makes you look more creditable than your competitors. Obviously strong arguments can be made for both sides, but traditional print media is far from dead. However, with the interest of digital marketing ever-increasing, the goal is to find a healthy compromise to professionally market your business with a permeant print piece as well having the ability to transfer information quickly and efficiently to your clients digitally.

Our funeral planning and bereavement guides deliver just that. Acting as a very real point of reference in the form of a book that is fully mobile, doesn’t require charging, and doesn’t require an internet connection, it directs both pre-need and at-need families to their funeral and funeral pre-planning counsellors website – where further information is available or where they may be able to purchase or order items – as well as giving them the option of emailing with any enquiries and acting as a directory for other services they may need.  The guide works alongside any current campaign your funeral home may have in place, it’s possibilities are endless, and most importantly, it comes at zero cost to you.