Sounds like a fairy tale right? And for Skyways Media, it’s a happy story indeed because we recently gained the great honor of becoming an OGR trusted supply partner. And whilst that is the industry-equivalent of a great big kiss from a handsome prince for us, it also means great things for you. Let’s start at the beginning…

For just under a century, the Order of the Golden Rule (OGR) has embarked on a mission to seek out and identify outstanding funeral homes around the world. Their members are independent, locally owned and operated firms dedicated to providing exceptional service to their client families. The OGR call them Golden Rule Funeral Homes
And not just any firm can join OGR, oh no! Those seeking membership go through a carefully developed screening process to assure both OGR and the public that member firms are of the highest quality.

To be a part of this prestigious group means a firm has distinguished itself by delivering excellence in service, ethical conduct and practices, and by being dependable and professional. Golden Rule funeral homes have built and maintained sound reputations in their communities for generations. They go above and beyond expectations of a traditional funeral home, and families should expect to receive from them the highest standard of quality and care. So with funeral homes this exceptional, it only makes sense for their supply partners to be just as extraordinary. OGR’s exceptional network of suppliers is a highly-valued member benefit bringing innovative products and services that will help members solve business and customer service challenges with unmatched concierge-level service.

And that’s where we come in.

Family owned, and dedicated to providing a personal and bespoke service, Skyways Media deliver on their commitments. Our professional staff follow through on tasks, keep their word, and demonstrate dependability and professionalism always. A promise of a call back is always kept, and all emails are answered within 24 hours. Through our high quality, individually designed product, the families that you and your funeral homes serve have the consistent source of support and assistance that they need in making final arrangements for their loved one, that’s guaranteed.